"Refreshing and exemplary"

Renee Stah was able to transform our ideas into concepts that were above and beyond our expectations. Her hands-on approach was refreshing and the service her team delivered was exemplary.

"Creative brilliance"

Renee Stah is an articulate, highly intelligent individual who possesses that rare combination of high-level strategic thinking and creative brilliance.

"Sophisticated acumen"

Renee Stah shows great finesse in producing high quality materials. She consistently demonstrates sophisticated business acumen and highly competent marketing skills.

"Excellence of execution"

Renee Stah exceeded our expectations on venue, sales collateral, branding and overall process. Renee has excellence of execution.

"Helpful and patient"

Thank you and your team for being so helpful and patient through what has been an education and an eye opener.

"First class product"

Renee Stah's professionalism and dedication towards the project to deliver a first class product was the very reason our company hired her.

"Prominent position in industry"

Renee Stah has assisted Unipod in a variety of business improvement tasks and her knowledge and drive have helped put Unipod in a prominent position within our industry.

"Fantastic dedication"

It is obvious that you and your team have fantastic passion and dedication as you have been of great assistance in supplying a successful all-encompassing strategy.

"Fun and progressive"

You have made a massive impact on me and my business, revolutionising an experience that was time consuming and tedious and within a space of a few hours, made it fun, exciting and progressive.

"Consistent and dependable"

I specifically asked for someone who is consistent and dependable, and he recommended you. I am really looking forward to this.

"Class, style, professionalism"

Our event could not have made the positive impact on our clients, suppliers and employees that it did without the class, style and professionalism by Renee Stah and her team.

"Exceeded expectations"

Renee Stah was instrumental in setting up three international workshops for us. Each was professionally executed with no problems and well exceeded our expectations.

"Passion for success"

Renee Stah that she has a deep passion for her work and the success of any project. So often people say that first impressions are critical and Renee has that ingredient to success well in hand.

"Modern and professional"

Thank you for your support and direction, it has really taken us to a modern, professional platform from which to launch our business objectives.

"Contributed to revenue"

Renee Stah's significant contribution has resulted in not only uplifting our image but it has also contributed significantly to our revenue.

"Skills to refer people"

Thanks for your help. It is good to have someone with your skills to refer people to, knowing they will be looked after.

"On time and within budget"

Renee Stah runs a very responsive business delivering on time and within budget.

"A very successful night"

Thanks for looking after me so well Renee - a very successful night. -Shaynna Blaze

"Highly driven and strategic"

Renee is a highly driven and strategic marketer. Renee's approach is very personalised, as well as energetic and fun.

"Great results"

Renee Stah produced great results for our business with her marketing and branding advice and we were very pleased with her special attention.

"Diligent and trustworthy"

Renee Stah is proactive and represents herself in high regards. Renee is diligent, professional in approach and a person who can be trusted.

"Specialist approach"

Your specialist approach to the uniqueness of our business and the management of our marketing complexities have delivered an outstanding final product. Thank you very much.

"Produce results"

Renee has been able to provide detailed and concise business methods and processes, which has enabled us to put into action and produce results.

"Point of difference"

Renee Stah has vision and directed me towards what I wanted to achieve. I'd recommend to anyone looking for a point of difference and to sharpen their image.


Your help has been invaluable. Could never have done any of it without you!

"Talent and smarts"

Your talent and smarts have helped so many businesses fulfil their dreams. Keep going!


Thanks a million. You are amazing at what you do Miss Renee.


The new product book is amazing. It looks great and it will be a very helpful tool for selling. You guys have done an outstanding job!

"Realised my dream"

Thank you for helping me realise my dream just when I was going to give up. I will always be thankful to you for that.

"Increase in performance"

The increase in performance goes to show how worthwhile a proper strategy is.

"Set apart from the rest"

I love how you broke everything down into stages to ensure we wouldn't get overwhelmed. The advice that you offer from a marketing and branding point of view is so valuable it really sets you apart from the rest.

"Bright future"

You've helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel and realised that when you work with the right people there is a really bright future for us. Cannot thank you enough!


The software you guys use for websites is amazing compared to other platforms! It is 10 times easier to manage. You are awesome at what you do Renee.

"Immediate results, first week"

A huge thanks for the brilliant work you have done understanding our business and driving the direction in our digital marketing, with immediate results in the first week. Your knowledge, advice and expertise have been invaluable to us.

"Super special and unique"

Congratulations on a magnificent job. What you have come up with is super special, professional and unique. I am confident we will achieve great success with the brand.

"Thrilled with branding expertise"

Thanks for your time yesterday and the follow up call last night. It was so good to be able to speak with someone with your level of expertise. We are so thrilled with the progress of our branding, we would like to explore the social media side too.

"Attention to detail and beyond"

Renee's attention to detail, commitment and creativity throughout the whole process has been beyond expectations.

"Breath of fresh air"

Thank you for spending so much time with us. It doesn't go unnoticed and it's greatly appreciated. You're a breath of fresh air Renee. Thank you so much.

"Realistic solutions"

Renee Stah gets to the bottom of issues and offers realistic solutions, presenting them in ways that are easy to understand.

"Brought brand to life"

Congratulations to you all for bringing the Mareeba Orchards brand to life. The packaging looks amazing.

"Happiness to my business"

You're one in a million, we adore you. Your bring so much happiness to myself and my business, I am so glad we met.

"Everything turns to gold"

Everything you touch turns to gold... first post is doing wonderfully. Thank you so much.

"Fans doubled under a week"

Thank you so much for doubling our fans in under a week.

"Detail in creative"

Love all your work and every little detail that goes into creative.

"A sixth sense"

I love it. It's like you have a sixth sense and you're inside my mind.

"Extremely knowledgeable"

Thank you for bringing attention to details that instantly changed my perspective on growing my business. I love that you know exactly where to look and how to increase traction straight away. Extremely knowledgeable.

"Pure magic"

Pure magic! I am so grateful you came our way and I'm sharing this vision with you! No one has managed to undertand and highlight it so well. I'm really happy.

"The right choice"

We made the right choice. Your experience along with your professionalism - your love for Greece bring us the best results.

"You know your stuff"

Everyone else I've spoken to sounds very green. You can tell you know what you're talking about.

"Super Stah"

Thank you for the Luxury Specifications brochure. You really should change your name to Renee Super Stah.

"Everything running smoothly"

Everything is running smoothly with the new website. So exciting having the orders pop through! Glad people are finding the ordering process easy to use.

"Very chic"

Absolutely love your Renee Stah 'Twelve Years' signature. Very chic, very you.

"One of the best I've seen"

The quality of the image was awesome. One of the best I've seen. Thanks for supplying good quality artwork.

"No one else compares"

I've worked with so many other agencies and no one else compares to your service or quality.


I'm sitting in a flash breezy restaurant on the ocean front in Bali, sipping a cocktail going over the new website with extraordinary pride. Well done. Love it.

"Cuts to the chase, brilliant"

There's no messing around with you or 87 emails to make a decision. You cut to the chase and we like it. You're brilliant and you can quote us on that.

"Great socials"

She was very excited to see how professional our website looks and how great our socials are. She is very keen to partner with us. Great work Renee.

"Creative, humble, human"

A creative, humble human. Who wouldn't want to hire your services?

"The essence I love"

Your photos are the ones I've been waiting for. You capture the essence I love.

"Never miss a beat"

We always come away from your meetings feeling good. You never miss a beat. This is why we love your work.

"Icon of elegance"

Just reviewed the new product book and it is an icon of excellence. Thank you.

"Marketing queen of hearts"

Thank you my marketing queen of hearts.

"Love them all"

Love them (creative concepts) all. How do we begin to choose? Decisions, decisions!

"Dynamite of excellence"

You are quite the dynamite of excellence Dorothy! There really is no place like home because it’s always where you heart is. Your heart is in your work. To watch you seamlessly gather up my thoughts, ideas and build them strategically block by block, right before my eyes, I think that’s an art form and a gift and absolutely fabulous. Thank you R.

"There every step of the way"

Your designs & quality of product and all we have produced these past 4 weeks is way beyond imagination! Your email signature says that you are a specialist of Strategy / Marketing / Branding and yet what it fails to mention is that you are wonderful, talented, caring, supportive, awesome & truly amazing and have been there for me every step of the way.

"So completely awesome"

I publicly thank you for being so completely awesome. I'm so excited to share the evolution of all these brands & product offerings with new & current clients on a global scale and look forward to continuing to create all that remains of my vision. Thank you, you truly are a Super Stah.

"Fantastic to work with"

Thank you so much for your help, you're always fantastic to work with.

"World of knowledge"

You're just amazing. Thank you for providing all the information, world of knowledge.

"Prompt and supportive"

How lovely to have your support, thank you for your prompt urgency. Very nice to know we are looked after.

"Very talented"

You are absolutely amazing at what you do. You are very talented and I really admire your aesthetic and interpretation.

"Super supportive"

Thank you so much for being super supportive regarding the change in direction. Te revised concepts are really nice.

"Nailed it"

They are all equally amazing. You've absolutely nailed it, I sent it to a few of the boys today, they love it.

"Game changer"

I love what you do. It's a game changer compared to what I see out there. I suppose I want to be that game changer as well.

"Always there"

We really appreciate 'you', the time and care you continue to show, thank you for always being there and helping with our wild and wacky ideas. Many thanks.

"Cellular, effervescent and glorious"

I am always fascinated by the intuitive way you move. You are the Champagne. Cellular, effervescent and glorious. I feel the joy bubbling its way from the depths.

"Positive culture"

Thank you so much to you and your wonderful team for delivering another incredible concept - one that will be around for the long haul and help build a positive culture across the group of companies.

"The gift of strategy"

After our meeting I departed full of gratitude. A rumble of courage and a very happy heart. You helped me understand more about the dynamics and the gift of a bespoke strategy.

"Epic team"

The team is over the moon about the fresh new promotion. It's truly a game-changer, and we can't thank you and your epic team enough for making it happen. Let's keep the good times rolling! Thank you once again.

"Valuable collaboration"

This collaboration will be valuable, as mentioned F&P have never collaborated with other studios and are only allowing a selected few.

"Premium content"

Compliments Renee on the premium content on socials. Please let me know how our global team can collaborate.

"Gorgeous concepts"

We absolutely love it Renee. Thank you to you and he team for delivering such gorgeous concepts. Job well done. A big thank you.

"Love the proposed strategy"

Thanks a lot for getting this across. Love the strategy proposed! I really like the design recommendations and love the first 4-week proposed rollout. Looks great!

"Supersedes all expectations"

You, your passion, your dedication to your craft & clients is completely out of this world & beyond!! You supersede all expectations and 'Wow' every moment that you can.

"Capable hands"

I've really been liking the kickoff with the campaign. It's been good to set and forget and leave it in your capable hands!

"Fab campaign"

Thanks so much Renee. Super excited to release this message and fab campaign to the market.

"Incredible concepts"

Just love. Thank you to you and the team for delivering such incredible concepts.

"Bloody amazing"

The billboard is bloody amazing. I can't wait to go see it. How long is it live for?

"Collection of homes masterpiece"

We wanted to let you know that the look book is stunning. I would like to thank you and the team for he hard work and effort that went into bringing this collection of homes to life. Thanks again for your amazing work. We are all excited to print this masterpiece.

"Support and expertise"

I always love seeing you here and around us - I will always be so grateful to you for the level of care, support and expertise offered throughout our creative brand process - it simply worked from the beginning - thanks to your genius.

"Couldn't be happier"

We engaged Renee Stah to assist with content and imagery selection for an important presentation. We couldn't be happier with the result.

"Flawless, fresh and original"

The outcome is flawless; our branding is fresh, original and will stay current for years to come.

"Next level"

Your follow ups are next level, I love it! Business is going amazing - we're booked well into next year. It's actually a little hard knocking back so many leads now.

"Absolute gun"

You're an absolute gun with every suggestion you've made to me for my business. Thank you.

"Blown away"

Wow! I'm absolutely blown away. I had a few mates text me yesterday about how good these look. Thanks for all your hard work.

"Great to have on board"

A big thank you to you and your team for all your help this year. It's been great having you on board, and we look forward to working together again next year.

"Busy right up to Xmas"

We have been busy right up to Xmas, which has been great. Thank you for your commitment to me, us and the brand this year.

"Thorough attention to detail"

Renee and her team's work on our website showcases the thorough attention to detail her company is known for.

"Prompt work"

Wow awesome!!! Thank you so much for the prompt work. As always, nothing less expected from you.

"Pivoted communication style"

Renee pivoted her communication style to allow us to easily understand the process and needs for our side of the project.

"My secret weapon"

I don't really want to refer you. You're my secret weapon.

"Such a star"

Amazing! Thank you agan Renee. You're always such a star.

"Smashed it"

Thank you so much. Smashed it!

"Everything we hoped for"

You guys have blown this campaign out of the water. It is everything we were hoping for - THANK YOU! The feedback was super positive - suggesting this is very different and exciting for our brand.


You have access to all our offers because we've seen how proactive you are. Our production department knows. It's a pleasure to deal with you. We love your style.

"Really happy"

I just wanted to let you know that I'm really happy with the work you've been doing thus far and the service I'm getting. I'm obviously looking to continue beyond the initial 12 weeks.