2020, What a year!

2020, What a year!

This year was a testing year for all of us. At Renee Stah, we proudly stood by our clients to support them with all they needed during closures, lockdowns and transitions to e-commerce and social platforms. We were determined to keep going and to make sure each one of our clients did also.

The good news
It wasn’t all bad news and tough times in 2020. Building and construction saw a spike in activity, from new homes being built thanks to HomeBuilder government incentives, to an increase in home renovations and interior decorating inspired by our stay-at-home living arrangements.

Something new
We also had some unique opportunities to work with clients in the food industry, particularly in Queensland. One of our projects involved branding dried fruit product out of Mareeba. We developed the packaging design for the Australian market, which has already been ordered by the palette in many food chains around the country and we also developed packaging for USA export, which involved a whole different set of requirements. It was an extremely exciting project that we were proud to be a part of.

Websites were all the rage
E-commerce was big this year. We built several websites, with and without e-commerce. Our custom sites overcome the challenges businesses face with standard template sites and we have enjoyed working on bespoke solutions to help achieve their goals and enhance customer experience through their online presence.

Renee Stah expansion
As more people worked remotely during the pandemic, we found that our client base grew across the country, leading us to also establish ourselves in Queensland - a nice addition to our existing office in Victoria. In 2021, we’re looking forward to sharing our experience and passion with new and existing clients, wherever they may be based.

Always here to help
Although we close on the 24th of December and reopen officially on the 11th of January, the digital world never sits still. So, we too will keep our digital & social clients ticking along and are contactable for anything urgent over this time.

Happy holidays, we are all deserving
From myself and the Renee Stah team, we wish you the warmest of festive seasons. Catch up on that lost time spent without family and friends and above all, stay safe, healthy, and happy.

THANK YOU for all your support this year, we look forward to your social updates over the holidays and to working with you again in 2021.

Renee Stah ☆

2020, What a year!

Image: Renee Stah Agency for JG King Homes