Workspaces, a journey through time

Workspaces, a journey through time

I still remember the grey cubicle I worked in at the Myer fashion office in my late teens. It was such a serious, monochrome environment with few bursts of colour, only when the latest Miss Shop samples came flying through the door on a rolling clothes rack.

My move to Adairs buying office was a luxurious step up from there, white frosted glass walls and the most beautiful Sheridan Australia home textiles stacked on my desk daily. Spotlight Stores HQ was a different vibe again, an industrial open plan space (no walls by now) with a focus on sustainability, boasting a 5.5-star energy rating and positioned in the heart of South Melbourne cafes.

Enter then the co working era, where offices morphed into lounge spaces with bean bags and beer taps. Working from the hipster cafe became a hot trend not long after that, headphones and lattes replacing the office accessories we once raided the stationery cupboard for.

And now here we are, in 2021, a new decade, shuffling between the office and working remotely. Looking back, I can’t help but think, is it really that surprising the way we work is changing? Hasn’t the only constant ever been in fact, change?

So, while I have a comms device, a comfy chair and my favourite coffee cup, I remain confident all will continue to move forward as it has always done, and our success will be determined only by our ability to keep adapting.

Wherever your workspace is today, may it be a place of productivity and inspiration. Here's to adapting and thriving in every environment we find ourselves in.

RS ☆