From fashion to facades, a business visionary's journey

From fashion to facades, a business visionary's journey

In the dynamic world of business and creativity, few individuals shine as brightly as Renee Stah. As the founder of a thriving creative marketing agency, Renee has carved a niche for herself by blending strategic insight with entrepreneurial verve. Her journey is one of inspiration, drawing from a rich heritage of family entrepreneurship in Australia's bustling fashion retail sector to the daring leap into the corporate realm and beyond. Today, we sit down with Renee to delve into her storied career, her visionary projects, and the entrepreneurial spirit that propels her from one success to another. Join us as we explore the mind and motivations behind the Renee Stah brand.

What sparked your passion for business, and how did your early experiences shape your professional outlook?
I’ve been passionate about business for as long as I can remember. My parents were driven, successful entrepreneurs, working with some of Australia’s largest fashion retailers. I was swept up in their enthusiasm and went along for the ride, working in their factory and retail stores from a young age. I couldn’t get enough of the fast pace and absorbed everything I could.

At what point did you decide to forge your own path, and what inspired the creation of your diverse business ventures?
At 18, I got my first corporate job in the buying department of Myer. I loved being part of a big business with a career path peppered with promotions, but I also had the entrepreneurial streak from my parents that eventually won over. In the end, I took a leap of faith and built a dance school, a construction company, followed by the creative marketing agency I run today.

What is the most exciting project you have worked on?
It’s tricky to choose just one! Each brand and product I get to work with is so unique. If I had to pick, facilitating Aquila’s involvement in Melbourne Fashion Festival was a highlight. I worked on it end-to-end, so it was amazing to watch my vision come to life.

Developing an investment proposal for a property startup that got the funds needed for their first development was also incredible, as well as being involved in an early literacy program. Projects that have a real positive impact are the kind you remember forever.

You work across many industries, interiors, construction and property in particular – do you have a favourite?
I’ve always had a soft spot for property and construction. Juggling all the elements needed in this space, is a challenge I relish. The B2B element requires one set of skills, and then you completely switch for B2C where there are more creative style campaigns via digital, web, social, print and events. There’s also that personal payoff of being part of someone’s milestone moment when they buy their dream home.

What is your number one tip for running a business in an industry that is constantly changing?
Practise what you preach. Feed your passion by staying active on digital platforms and always try to experience shifts first-hand. Not only will it keep you ahead of the curve, but you’ll constantly be inspired to strive harder. Pivot, adapt, test, and learn to keep your customers’ momentum going. This industry never sits still. It changes rapidly and without warning, so you have to be on the front foot, always. And if you can't, engage an agency like ours that will do it for you.

What has been your biggest business challenge to date?
Managing our expansion while preserving the core values and service quality that define our brand. As we've grown to serve a wider client base across Australia, the United States, and Europe, it was imperative that we maintain the essence of what made us successful from the start. Balancing scalability with consistency in our service excellence has been a complex task, but I believe we’ve managed to achieve that, ensuring that no matter where our clients are, they receive the exceptional experience that we're known for

Your room, your desk, your car - messy or organised?
I’m a creative spirit at heart so my work desk can get messy when I’m in the zone! But I’m a firm believer in a tidy desk, tidy mind so I’ll always start and finish the day by getting properly organised. It keeps me ready to tackle the day’s to-do list.

The same rules apply for my room. We’ve all been there when we think we’ve got nothing to wear before a big event and end up creating an absolute mess while trying on our entire wardrobe. But when the party’s over, it’s back to business. My car though? That’s a different story. I always keep it tidy.

Given the opportunity, what profession other than marketing would you be eager to try next?
My fascination with luxury properties runs deep, and it resonates. A significant part of our work involves the building and property space, which has only fueled my natural affinity for this industry. There's something about the blend of aesthetic appeal and structural integrity in unique luxury properties that captivates me—be it a meticulously designed home or a high-end accommodation. With my hands-on background in property and construction, venturing further into this realm feels like a natural progression.

Give us something you are NOT very good at…
Singing. Such a shame because I love to belt out the classics! Maybe one day I’ll get there, but for now I’ll keep my JLo renditions strictly to the shower. ☆

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